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The Joke Shop


Zev's wikidot points…

Is that why I am suspended from posting? :)

Ouverture Facile

A very fun online "scavenger hunt" let's see who can get the farthest, after level 10 it gets pretty hard…
Here's the link: http://www.ouverture-facile.com/

Binary Adding Machine

This guy has no life.

Ahh Java Jokes…Can't Get Enough Of 'Em

1. Two ints and a float are in a bar. They spot an attractive double on her own.
The first int walks up to her. “Hey, baby”, he says, “my VM or yours”. She slaps him and he walks back dejected.
The second int walks over. “Hey, cute-stuff, can I lick your Bean?”. After a quick slapping, he too walks back.
The float then ambles over casually. “Were those two primitive types bothering you?”, he remarks.
“Yes. I’m so glad you’re here”, she says. “They just had no Class!”

2. Video of someone making a Java Joke:

Get it? Cause…immutable…

Derren Brown Beats 9 Chess Players Simultaneously

By the end of the year, we will of course have created a program that will beat 9 Derren Browns simultaneously.

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